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Discover a musician's paradise in our store, featuring a vast array of music accessories, including guitar amps, pedals, strings, drum essentials, cables, and more from top brands.

Step into our store, a haven for musicians, boasting the most extensive  music accessory collection in the region. 

Explore the sonic  possibilities with guitar amps from iconic brands like Marshall, Fender,  Vox, and many more. 

Elevate your sound with our range of guitar pedals  and strings from Ernie Ball and D'Addario. 

We have your every need  covered with a wide selection of capos, picks, straps, drum sticks, drum  skins, instrument cables, XLR cables, mic stands, and an abundance of  other essential accessories. Your musical journey is our priority, and  we provide you with everything you need to create, perform, and excel.


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